By Alexandra Sheren

The award wining music short "Portraiture".

A short film "hugely inspired by SAND":

Music & Lyrics: Sherenproject
Sound, arrangements: Danila Danilov (Redwave Studio), Sherenproject, Mike Kalajan (Rogue Planet), Dmitry Chichagov (Parksound)

This short film is exploring the difference between our persona and the true essence beyond our roles, gender, age, racial identity.

This film is an actual record of how people become different when they get naked in front of the camera; none of them is a professional actor, and all of them were acting spontaneously.


NIkita Kurganov
Anastasia Dushkina
Elnara Dexter
Sasha Zimina
Irina Postnikova
Ekaterina Markova
Dana Allakhyarova
Matvei Anichkov
Svetlana Blagonravoca
Jon Smith
Alexandra Sheren

Written and directed by Alexandra Sheren
Camera by Denis Vyazmin, Alexandra Sheren
Editing by Alexandra Sheren
Makeup by Ekaterina Pshenichnikova
Sound by Dmitry Chichagov
Cello by Irina Postnikova
Jazz music playing in the beginning credit by Wes Montgomery

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