My Unusual Brain

By Joel Salinas

Discover how to apply fascinating new insights from brain science to transform how you experience the world as well as your “self” and how you can better connect with anyone, including someone who is different from you in almost every way. Harvard neurologist, scientist, and author Joel Salinas, MD, discusses what you and the people you care about can learn from understanding the profound science behind reality and atypical brains, including his own. Dr. Salinas has an extreme form of synesthesia where all his senses collide—tasting sounds, literally feeling what someone else is physically and emotionally feeling, and more.

Be warned: Dr. Salinas will guide you through an immersive journey down the rabbit hole of his own wildly unusual sensory perception and, at several points along the way, you may learn something powerful about yourself that you never would have expected. Through this mind-altering, multisensory experience, he combines art, science, technology, and spirituality to reveal how we can use these neuroscientific aha moments to radically shape the world around us and within us.

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