Mimicking Nature's Relationships - SAND19 US

By Sara Aly El Sayed

Biomimicry is "the conscious emulation of nature's genius"—Janine Benyus. Biomimicry has been used in design and technology, by emulating organisms, such as the kingfisher's beak inspiring a more efficient bullet train, or termite mounds inspiring cooler building structures. However, this field is not just about emulating; it is also about reconnecting and rekindling our relationship with nature. Nature itself is thriving through its intricate relationships, whether in the soil of perennial grasslands, or through mutualistic relations of organisms on a coral reef, or even the microorganisms working together to aid in your own body's digestion. We can reconnect to nature, by going outside, or delving inside of us, using our senses, understanding the science and cultivating cooperative relationships.

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