Meditating a New World Through Compassion - SAND19 US

By Shakti Caterina Maggi

The world is in desperate need for compassion. Compassion means to recognize the real nature of every living being, also in actions that express separation. Compassion means too see that there is not a person anywhere, but Consciousness in action. In this recognition you can welcome in your Heart all the suffering of believing that this is not so, knowing that maybe this cannot be seen through every form right away, but accepting seeing this in your Heart until it is possible for everybody. This is the life of a bodhisattva and the life to which we all aspire to as truth seekers. If this is possible, any action of Consciousness that expresses through your form will come from unity and will support only unity in the world. That compassion can do miracles, and arises from that true Heart that is everywhere, as Ramana Maharshi said.

What can we do in front of a crumbling world in which everything seems to be more and more divided? We are Emptiness that contemplates all form through the human experience. The Heart is this Emptiness that meditates the world. Abiding in the compassion of the empty Heart allows us to dissolve any apparent contradictions and divisions we see in the world, not because we resolve these polarities but because they can all co-exist and dissolve in our Being. In the Heart there is no need to split ourselves into two and polarize into right and wrong, you or me, your truth or my truth - all this can simultaneously exist and be contained in Emptiness.

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