Lothar Schäfer: Quantum Reality and the Spiritual Mind

In this talk, Lothar Schäfer draws from Quantum Science and Ancient Mystics ways to unleash our creative potential.

LOTHAR SCHÄFER is a Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) of Physical Chemistry at the University of Arkansas. His research in the areas of Physical Chemistry, Electron Diffraction, Applied Quantum Chemistry, and Computational Chemistry led his team to develop the first real-time gas electron diffraction instrument in which diffraction data are recorded on-line, enabling the first pulsed-beam, Time-Resolved Electron Diffraction studies of laser-excited molecules. Additionally, they performed the first quantum chemical geometry determinations of peptide molecules, predicting structural trends in proteins a decade before they were experimentally observed. He is the author of the book, In Search of Divine Reality - Science as a Source of Inspiration which has been translated in Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, and more recent, Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live. Since 1998, Dr. Schäfer has given more than 160 public lectures in the US and abroad. He has been a guest on CUNY-TV and Chopra radio.