I’m Here For You

South African filmmaker and photographer Caroline Mackintosh’s latest project, I’m Here For You, takes us on a journey through movement with dancer Gita Galina. 

A sensitive and nostalgic piece, the film portrays Gita in conversation with herself and her surroundings through movement. It is a tribute to the power of standing by yourself, with the knowledge that you are never alone, touching on the concept that although we may feel isolated during life's hardships and turbulences, we never need to feel unsupported, that in the hardest of times we have ourselves to turn to.

The soundtrack was produced by Caroline with her partner and music producer Bummela, after the passing of her mother. The song was a way for Caroline to comfort herself and through it offer a reminder to others that we are always our own best ally in times of vulnerability and struggle.

Being both a visual and musical artist, Caroline always envisioned the song to be translated through movement and dance. Earlier this year, while visiting home in South Africa, she met Gita and it was immediately clear she was the perfect person to translate the song and its nostalgic beauty.

Gita takes us on an emotional journey dancing with herself alone on the shores of South Africa. We witness her completely letting go of all inhibitions and throwing them to the wind. We feel her expansion and contraction, dancing between moments of pain and difficulty to complete freedom. We feel her struggle, her fragility, but also her self-empowerment and boldness.

Originally published on NOWNESS

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