Humanity's story of self and universe, Charles Eisenstein

In this interview Charles Eisenstein discusses how our current social and political systems are affected by the belief that we exist separate from nature in an indifferent universe, how the “myth of separation” has affected our world and what is the new story that we are creating today. This video is an excerpt from SAND Anthology Vol. 5

Charles Eisenstein is a writer, teacher, and speaker on multiple themes: money, community, education, gift culture, transition, and cultural evolution. He is the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics, along with numerous essays in print and on line. Graduating from Yale in Mathematics and Philosophy in 1989, he spent his twenties in Taiwan as a Chinese-English translator before returning to Pennsylvania where he lives today. His work in economics and social change features in several recent films, including Money and Life, and the short films, The Revolution Is Love, and Sacred Economics.

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