How to Know Equanimity Amidst Upheaval

By Caverly Morgan

In times of crisis, we're desperate to find peace. We search for equanimity as if it's a state that can be found. The more desperate we feel, the more effort we put into our search. In crisis, we grasp for a collective narrative to explain our experience. We strive to find an official story. Whether we are striving to explain our experience or striving to attain a particular internal state, the process of striving is the same and leads to the same place: suffering.

Instead, we might ask: who is it that’s striving and what is the result? We might also ask: what is left when we are not grasping for a collective narrative? What is it in us that longs for peace, well-being, equanimity and happiness? Are these experiences found through striving, or are they known through a different route? And what is that route? These questions aren’t about finding the right answers.

They are invitations to inquire into the nature of our experience, which can open the door to liberation—and the equanimity we seek. In this interview, Caverly will explore these questions and illuminate the process by which we strive for equanimity-instead of realizing equanimity as a byproduct of who we truly are.

This talk is hosted by Vera de Chalambert.

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