How Awake is Your Love Life? Marlies Cocheret

An Exploration of Sexuality & the Ground of Being

When we awaken to formlessness, that doesn’t mean we fully live it in our body. Welcoming Presence into sexuality, another aspect of Truth unfolds. Lovemaking begins with resting as awareness. Letting go of all effort, we fall into our natural body experience while surrendering to the vibration of our senses. Then, the lovers come together in the one movement of love, revealing ever more the immensity of stillness and deliciousness that we are. Why is it so difficult to remain as love? Naturally, we bump up against our core beliefs and our fear of the unknown. We know how to be intimate in our meditation, yet most of us feel challenged in bringing that deep intimacy into lovemaking with a seeming other. Come and join this fun and intimate exploration!

Marlies Cocheret de la Morinière, MA: With love, directness, and humor,  Marlies invites our spirituality down right into this human body experience. For many years she has been ushering seekers into the mysteries of living the divine in the body. She has been offering satsang and retreat since 2000 when Adyashanti asked her to teach. Marlies works as a spiritual teacher, psychologist, a Hakomi therapist and a Tantric educator internationally. Marlies is interviewed in Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom by R. M. Robinson.