Healing Developmental Trauma

By Julie Brown Yau

Join us for a rich conversation about healing trauma and its connection to spirituality. Dr. Julie Brown Yau speaks to the distressing effects of developmental trauma and how it creates the intense difficulties and challenges most of us face in adulthood. We explore how, for the young child, the simple yet terrifying experience of not receiving adequate holding, love, nurturance, or being delighted in, the descent into embodied personhood feels intolerable. An innocent core self-splits off, or parts of our young consciousness, retreating into the deep layers of the unconscious. 

Because of the internal feelings of threat, trauma is born within the body. Many of us are unaware of this as we grow into adulthood, yet our lives are limited. In times of crisis, like we are amid today, the symptoms of early trauma often emerge, causing even more challenges, disconnection, confusion, and pain. We look at how to go beyond the symptoms, to dissolve the underlying dynamics, to find a sense of renewal and aliveness. We explore the importance of gently coming out of states of immobility and shutdown, how to safely be with our emotions, and how to integrate the disconnected parts of self to find a sense of coherency, peace and a deepened sense of spirituality.

This talk is hosted by Zaya Benazzo.

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