Going to the Edge: Exploring Death and Radical Resiliency During the Apocalypse

By Lama Rod Owens

We are living through an apocalypse, a period of deep truth unveiling. The world is unsteady and chaotic. We find ourselves struggling in a pandemic that has completely disrupted our lives. Many of us are being confronted with the reality of death in a way we though we never would. In the face of all this, it is hard to maintain our physical and emotional balance.

Resiliency is such an important skill to develop right now. Resiliency is about how well we are able to meet the challenges of our lives with a sense of openness and curiosity that helps us to regain our balance. Balance means understanding how to return back to a sense of being grounded in order to meet challenges directly.

In this this we will also explore the radical practice of skillful mourning, self-care, and refuge practice to support our work as we move into the edges of our practice with support and care in order to be resilient in the face of death and uncertainty.

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