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From Separation to Oneness, from Monocultures to Diversity

By Vandana Shiva

My PhD thesis was on non separability and non locality in Quantum theory.

My work with Chipko showed me the non separation between forests, soil and water.

The Green revolution study in Punjab taught me non separation between violence against nature by chemical agriculture, and emergence of violence in society.

Since then, my work in Food and Agriculture systems has taught me the non separation between seeds, plants, soil ,climate ,and biodiversity.

As I wrote in my blog “One Planet One Health - Connected through Biodiversity from the forests, the farm, to our gut microbiome:

And of course my philosophy and activism is guided by our non separation from Nature .

We just launched a Global Campaign for Earth Day on "Making Peace with the Earth":

Hosted by Alnoor Ladha, Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo.

This interview was recorded at the Wisdom in Times of Crisis online event.

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