Entanglement, Love and Union - Karen Johnson

Recent scientific discoveries have shown that two particles that have been in contact with one another under certain circumstances will behave as though they are in continual communication regardless of where they are in spatial relationship to one another. In other words distance is not a factor in the transfer and mutual influence of information. This discovery has important implications for human relationships. Although more a metaphor than a proven correlation, it is interesting to note how the principle has parallels in terms of the deep spiritual conditions beyond the time space continuum that can impact experiences within the relational field. We will be investigating how entanglement can be seen as an expression of a kind of union between beings that is more intimate than simply being connected or not separate. How will two people experience this principle within their relationship? What are the implications of this kind of union? What kinds of potential does entanglement speak to that are inherent in our relationships? What does it mean about love, intimacy, delight and pleasure? I posit that it calls into question how we hold these human experiences. We can find that there is more to relationships than we have usually imagined. at our usual limited ways of experiencing, no matter how pleasurable or fulfilling; there is more mystery to them in ways that we might not have considered before.The presentation is a contemplation of how nonlocal entanglement can manifest itself in relationships.

Karen Johnson is the Co-founder of The Ridhwan School/Diamond Approach. This talk is recorded at SAND14.