Elephant Song

By Ben Bushill

A masterpiece written and read by Ben Bushill with music by Ellen Molnia and Thomas Falk.

Ben Bushill:

A simple heart between the limitless heavens and the good earth

This existence is truly strange, astonishing and ordinary. Keeping those three in a bright, healthy and vibrant balance is a challenge that shapes my journey through this life as a human, and as a poet.

Strange in that we find ourselves here, given the command to BE, to live and to breathe. To move through this life as best we can, dancing with grief and joy, sifting through the glitter and dreams of our world to find our way home to ourselves and the aching simplicity and perfection of what we have always been.

Astonishing in the continual unfolding of a life where door upon fractal door reveal themselves in our thoughts and feelings, in our bodies, in our miraculous hearts. This existence we are given is always and forever so much more than we think it is. Our bones carry the echoes of ancient starlight, our minds a golden palace of creativity and imagination, our hearts share the one seed that gave birth to this whole impossible whirlwind of creation. Forever unique and perfectly woven into the ever unfolding work of art that is life and the great everything. Astonishing and wonderful.

Ordinary in our meeting with each day, with our friends and families, with grief and with simple happiness. Having our hearts broken over and over again by the suffering we see around us and find within us and by our own meeting with what life has to offer. Ordinary is having to greet a new day every morning, to open our eyes and find a way to move through our day in kindness and connection. To rise in dignity when what we feel is exhaustion and fear. To grow softer and younger as we move toward death, opened and polished like a river stone, not hardened by our failures but made soft, surrendered and wise.


Ellen Molnia: soundcloud.com/ellen-molnia

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