Ego Relaxation: The Heart of Nondual Spiritual Practice

By Miranda Macpherson

Living from the unified condition invites us to practice unconditional allowing in the face of all that life brings. How do we embody Rumi’s reminder that “fighting and peacefulness both take place within God”, and not get caught in level confusion, spiritual by-passing and mere intellectual discourse? How do we meet the paradox of our humanity and divinity, our relative and transcendent experience, and live it as one integrated stream amidst daily life? Furthermore, how do we embody unity consciousness and walk practically through this world AS the presence of Love? In this experiential session, Miranda invites you deep into the heart of Being, through devotion, meditation, inquiry and discourse. Together, we will open into the loving awareness that welcomes everything to come home; explore what it takes to harness everything as a gateway to deeper into the Mystery; engage the practice of ego relaxation in the face of our defenses, and enter deeper into the boundless love and freedom of our true nature. At home within, we can relish the gift of life and turn our attention to being of service to our world in transition.