Dying to Live: Evolution Through Recycling

By Elisabet Sahtouris

Let’s start with Anaximander, who said everything forming in Nature incurs a debt which it must repay so that other things may form, which I see as the essence of evolution and a fascinating take on Dying to Live.

Since Western and Eastern sciences view the cosmos as made of vibrations, I will introduce my keyboard model to show how different sciences can hold apparently contradictory worldviews.

We will talk about the fallacy Vedic India saw as ‘Maya’—the illusion that the physical world is All That Is.

The consciousness-based keyboard model shows how any event, including the current pandemic, can be seen from such different perspectives, and why science and spirituality should never have been separated.

We will talk about materialization as incarnation: the densification of vibration. Sufi concepts of world as cosmic sound—vibrations even higher than light—giving rise to physical world sound and how dissonance always resolves to harmony.

Darwinian evolution theory got us stuck in designing the human economy as hostile win/lose competition because it ignored the far greater cooperative maturity that necessarily follows it.

Just so, a one-way entropic universe is now seen to be only half of reality, while the whole is always a dance of balancing entropy and centropy, chaos and order, dark and light, dis-ease and health, pain and joy and so on ad infinitum in both linear time and the eternal NOW.

Prognosis for navigating our Perfect Storm of Crises!

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