Being Your Best Self

By Terry Real

Covid-19 is the first time in our lives that nature has turned against us on a planetary scale. Will it be the last? Perhaps not—if we wake up.

Terry presents a new vision of themselves in the world—The Ecology of Relationships. We live in the delusion of being separate from nature and dominating it—no matter if the nature we try to control is our bodies, our partners, our kids, or our planet. In reality our relationships are our biosphere. We live inside them. It is in our own self-interest to keep our biosphere clean and healthy.

Once we are triggered, however, the wisdom of connection flies out the window and older, more linear parts of the brain take over. Now, we stand as adversaries fighting in a zero-sum game in which one wins and one loses, in which I protect myself or let you overpower me. Intimacy is lost.

Terry explains how to think relationally, how to operate truly as a team even in heated moments, how to stand up for oneself vigorously and cherish your partner in the same breath, and how to reach for peace without surrender.

This talk is hosted by Maurizio & Zaya Benazzo.

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