Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness

What is consciousness? Is it in all living beings? What happens when we die? Why do we seem to be hardwired for mystical experience? Aware follows six brilliant researchers who approach our greatest mysteries from radically different viewpoints. High-tech brain research and Eastern meditation, psychedelics, and the consciousness of plants help us see the world anew, challenge our beliefs, and maybe even initiate our own journey into the unknown.


Roland Griffiths, the renowned Johns Hopkins University psychedelics researcher, plant biologist Monica Gagliano, Christof Koch, Chief Scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the famed Tibetan Buddhist monks, Matthieu Ricard and Mingyur Rinpoche, and acclaimed author, Richard Boothby.

AWARE is the second in the trilogy following Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, selected for over 100 international film festivals. AWARE is the winner of the Feature Competition Jury Prize at the Illuminate Film Festival and is currently shortlisted for the LOLA, the German Academy Awards.

Directed by Frauke Sandig and Eric Black