Archetypes And Yogic Practices Of Human Being Cycles

By Nadeshwari Joythimayananda

The yogic sages anticipated quantum physics by noting that a subtle vibrational energy is the substratum of everything we know. Unlike scientists, clairvoyant sages experienced this energy not only as an abstract vibration, but as an expression of the divine feminine power called Shakti. The word Shakti means "power", understood as the power of life. But the Tantric sages were not satisfied with a generalized view of energy perception like Shakti. They decoded this vortex of energy giving this "power" an anthropomorphic image and a mythical language, thus creating a spiritual technology to best enjoy the divine qualities in human energy. To live this they introduced spiritual practice, sadhana, focused on the figures of the Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

What would happen if we took these teachings that are deeply rooted in a universal reality and we played with the cyclical nature of the earth and of the living beings that live there ... among them us human beings?

There are simple practices, focused on the use of the body and the voice, that facilitate our transitioning from one frequency to another, from one archetype to another. Not in a linear way and not to get enlightenment, but in a way consistent with the cyclicality of nature,  to facilitate our embodiment in this reality. In this way we are not just "dancing" in our habitual patterns, but we open up dormant archetypal channels and therefore we have the possibility to make presence, awareness and energy flow in inner landscapes that we rarely contemplate.

The focus isn't to gain psychic abilities (that could be a side effect), but to live with the sense of pleasure this life that is in us and that for various reasons we are not always able to taste: choosing not to live on the outskirts of Existence.

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