A Hymn for Life

By Ben Bushill

Ben Bushill is a mystic, poet and circle holder devoted to the remembrance of the simple miracle of existence. His poetry is a call to see and feel what we are being given in every unfolding moment. To realize our perfection through the honoring of our flawed humanity and the deep honesty of the sacred earth. The seed of life is within us all, our dance here is mundane, strange and wonderful. Ben doesn’t bring answers but instead asks us to push our hearts and our lives up against the place where our finite hearts meet the great wave of life that is within and which contains us. At that merciful and merciless meeting point we catch a glimpse of the love that we are. Circles to draw close to each other and the mystery we carry. Poetry and spoken word to carry the vibration of wonder and remembrance of our own miraculous hearts.
Film by Joeight creations.

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