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Trauma and Spirituality


A 3-part Webinar Series with Julie Brown Yau

This webinar will commence in September 2017

“If you cannot find it in your own body, where will you go in search of it?”

― The Upanishads
Trauma and spirituality are woven together in inextricable ways. Both involve a crisis of meaning at some level of our being. Each call to something beyond our ordinary day to day reality, both involve knowing suffering with multifaceted intimacy. These two dimensions also share a simple uncomplicated bond; they are an intrinsic part of our life. Although trauma has a reputation of deep suffering, trauma is dual natured, as is spirituality.

In this webinar, we will explore the light and dark side of the universal force that is comprised of both trauma and spirituality. We will bring more awareness to the pitfalls and potentials of trauma.

We will see how healing trauma is the synthesis of energies of the body, the heart, and mind, which can bring about a metamorphosis in the personal consciousness. Such metamorphosis is crucial in the essential unity of all existence and a reduction of the identity from the personal “I”.

Each session will be interactive, with real cases been presented, opportunities for participants to work ‘live’ with elements of their trauma, and exercises to enhance embodied wisdom.


Dr Julie Yau is an expert in the field of healing trauma. She specializes in the resolution of developmental, complex, and shock trauma. She holds a PhD in somatic depth psychology, and Masters in both spiritual psychology and depth psychology. Dr. Julie is  trained in a number of body/mind modalities including somatic experiencing and NARM. She is a trained dream pattern analyst and was a yoga and and meditation teacher. Using a unified approach, Julie’s work and teaching addresses the challenging physiological and psychological symptoms of trauma. Dr Julie has also been the director of education and program development at CCALS since 2002. She continues to give talks and write on the topic of trauma and spirituality. Dr. Julie has a private practice in laguna beach, CA., and works on Skype world wide.


Course Description:

Session 1 – TBD
Trauma and the body. As we explore the devastating effects of trauma and its presence in our body, we will also consider the joys of healing. We will look at the force of energies that trauma brings, and how to harness the energies for the transformation of consciousness. We will examine the relationship between trauma and kundalini.
Duration: 120 mins

Session 2 – TBD
Trauma. Integrating the rejected aspects of our consciousness. This session will be an exploration of integrating the parts of our consciousness that split off to survive in the face of traumatic events. We will look at the process of gathering, assimilating and integrating of the fullness of who we are. It is within acceptance that we can truly discover who we are, beyond the finitude of the body.
Duration: 120 mins

Session 3 – TBD
Dying into love. The intimate relationship between trauma, death and awakening. Traumatic events often take us to the terrifying edge of perceived annihilation. The experience can remain within our unconscious, preventing us from living fully. In this session, we will explore the edges of the most frightening aspects of trauma, and how to return, or know for the first time, the full expression of our aliveness and joy.
Duration: 120 mins

If you didn’t participate in the webinar “Psychobiological & Spiritual Perspectives on Trauma” with Julie Yau we highly recommend that you see it before you take part in this one. You can view it ondemand here.

tv_demand-icon All the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. After you register check your email for details. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support. Supporter’s receive a 20% discount.

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