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Rita Venturini & Paul BushExplorers

Rita V & Paul BRita Venturini
I am not much of anything. I am the moment that ends, the one that is already started and the one that maybe should have not been there at all. At times I notice being the moment of sorrow. Other times I am the sensation in the front of the belly, and again the laughter on the face of the grandmother. I remember once being the joy in the eyes of the little boy when he won the marble. Witnessing all of these moments I have been getting closer to being nothing, and all. That started in Italy many years ago and has been continuing around the world, from California to Portugal following the routes of the old discoverers, just all backward.

Paul Bush
I was born and lived in England for 22 years then another 22 years in California. I now live in Lisbon, Portugal. I studied Neuroscience at Oxford and UCSD where I got my PhD. As a committed atheist/materialist, I was then surprised (in 1997) by a revelatory experience that showed me that my worldview was only a narrow approximation to reality. Since then I have investigated various forms of meditation, teachings and psychedelics in an effort to figure out what is really going on. Over the last few years a perspective has been forming that unifies my professional neuroscience knowledge, amateur study of fundamental physics and an experiential approach to eastern and western philosophy.

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