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Peter Littlejohn CookTherapist, Life-Coach and Teacher

Peter Littlejohn CookPeter is a Heaven on Earth facilitator, Tantra teacher.

His work covers several fields – including holistic therapy, meditation, yoga, Tantra, social permaculture, and could possibly be summarised as demystification, synthesis, and synergy.

After around 15 years of teaching meditation and doing energy work and bodywork, his Kriya Yoga practice ripened and Peter realised he could no longer resist getting a little ‘crazy-wise’ and accepted that really he was a Tantra teacher by nature.

He has a talent for finding people’s real liberating power in their heart-felt passions, and unveiling the potential peace and the infinite love that is hidden behind their fear.

Peter is founder of Inspiration Tantra and Dharma Kriya (rediscovering ‘Swadharma’ as a timeless path of Liberation), NEW DIRECTIONS (‘Conversations in the Name of Peace and Prosperity’), launching on YouTube in July 2015, and INSPIRATION FLOW – Sustainable Prosperity Coaching for therapists and teachers who work for Love.

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