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Music is Medicine

music-is-medicineMUSIC IS MEDICINE (aka “MiM”) is an electronic-organic trance-fusion by soundhealing interplanetary medicine-makers: the shamanic duo: Rafe Pearlman and Zia Sunseri. Together, they collaborate in creating soundhealing events and spectacular ritualistic and operatic performances to stimulate the archetypes of our souls.  Rafe and Zia also lead SoundSpa-soundbaths which are unique soundhealing experiences, as well as  Workshops on Finding Your Natural Voice and Vocal-Trance experiences.  Rafe’s vocal expressions synthesize a range of  influences from American soul to Eastern devotional singing and influences from the wilds of nature. Zia draws on archetypal and shamanic roots as a soundhealer, shamanic counselor, art therapist, and singer/composer.

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