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Cornelius BootsZen shakuhachi flute Musician and Composer

Cornelius Boots
Pied Piper for the nerdy or strange, Cornelius Boots is a Zen shakuhachi flute preacher, breath wizard and award-winning composer known for his pioneering work with the world’s only bass clarinet quartet, Edmund Welles.  Studying shakuhachi since 2001, in 2013 he achieved shihan (master) rank in the dokyoku lineage of Watazumido and Michael Chikuzen Gould and received the name Shinzen (深禅 “depth Zen”).  A graduate of Jacob’s School of Music (B.M. Clarinet Performance, B.S. Audio Recording and M.M. Jazz Studies), Boots has performed and lectured internationally, released over a dozen albums and published scores and instructional materials.

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