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Corky QuakenbushAikido Sensei

Corky QuakenbushSensei Corky Quakenbush has practiced the Art of Aikido for more than thirty years. Sensei Corky has developed a new teaching and training model for Aikido practitioners as well as non-pracitioners that he calls “Aiki-Lab.” Aiki-Lab can be used as a tool to bring about a peaceful resolution under physical assault, as well as to re-program the automatic yet often “disguised” responses we may have to even the subtlest perceptions of threat. He is delighted to share his Aiki-Lab as a way of conditioning a higher consciousness response to stress.

Sensei Corky’s “spiritual roots” combined with science when he was hired as a filmmaker on television science documentary shows such as NOVA and the popular Cosmos series featuring Carl Sagan. These shows allowed Sensei Corky to travel and meet with many of the world’s great thinkers, scientists and spiritual teachers. An informal tutelage by John C. Lilly, as well as inspiration by such luminaries as Joan Halifax, R.D. Laing, Francis Huxley and Rupert Sheldrake, fueled deeper spiritual inquiry. Sensei Corky’s exploration of physics and the study of somatics continues today with his practice of Aki-Lab.

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