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Propose a Presentation

SAND Italy 2018 will be a week-long gathering in an intimate setting. In designing the program, we have a few spots available for proposed presentations and/or sessions. These slots will be approximately 20-25 minutes long.

Abstracts are invited on any aspect related to science and nonduality and can include, but are not limited to: philosophy, cosmology, phenomenology, physics, mathematics, neuroscience, spiritual traditions, psychology, cultural context, altered states, the creative arts, etc.

Once the SAND committee approves your proposal, you will need to register for the event as an attendee.


Deadline for the abstract submission is April 1st.

You will receive a notification about your proposal by April 15th.


  • The first step will be for you to create a login profile. If you are already a SAND website community member you can just enter your login information. By entering your email and your chosen password at the beginning you will be able to return to the site and re-upload or modify your abstract until the abstract submission deadline
  • Your Abstract should be no more the 300 words.
  • Bios should be no more than 100 words (please include links to your website).
  • In addition to your abstract what would help the reviewing committee immensely is attaching a short video (max 10min) on your presentation topic. You can send the following types of video files: ‘webm’, ‘mpeg4′, ’3gpp’, ‘mov’, ‘avi’, ‘mpegps’, ‘wmv’, ‘flv’
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