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LATEST DIALOGUES No Limits To the Human Senses

When you open your eyes and look around you, your brain is presented with an amazing amount of information.

But in spite of all the complexity that we capture through our vision — or our other senses — what we see is just a tiny fraction of what’s really out there. This limit to our perception, though, is not a function of our brain, but our senses.

Your eyes, for example, pick up a small band of the electromagnetic spectrum. At the same time, countless radio waves and X-rays and microwaves and gamma rays pass through your body — and you are completely unaware of them.

“Our experience of reality,” said neuroscientist David Eagleman in a TED Talk, “is constrained by our biology.”

Eagleman hopes to change our perceptual limitations by creating new interfaces — such as a sensory vest — that take in information that is currently outside the reach of our senses.

He is confident this will work, because the brain is designed to process any type of information, not only things like images or sounds.

“Your brain is not hearing or seeing any of this,” said Eagleman. “Your brain is locked in a vault of silence and darkness inside your skull. All it ever sees are electrochemical signals that come in along different data cables, and this is all it has to work with, and nothing more.”

The brain is able to take these signals and find meaning within them. This is true whether the signals are coming through the retina or eardrum. Or even through a vest that vibrates your skin in response to information fed to it from a camera, microphone or the Internet.

In a way, all perception boils down to vibration. And it’s through this vibration that the brain is able to reach out of its dark cave into the vast universe around us. 

Right now, most of that information comes to us through our eyes, ears and other senses. But soon we will be able to plug directly into the Internet or sense the universe across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

“We actually have no idea what the theoretical limits are of what kind of data the brain can take in,” said Eagleman.

first published in March of 2015

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Science and Nonduality provides a forum where preeminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and a large, international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging in spirituality, that is both grounded in cutting-edge science and consistent with the ancient wisdom of nonduality — the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

12 Responses to “No Limits To the Human Senses”

  1. March 21, 2015 at 3:54 am, Appan said:

    The scientific understanding is that everything boils down to vibrations in this universe. But the deep meditators and the self-realized experience the world as unified. Since science too now recognizes consciousness as the basis of existence, it may even be logically seen that in the uniformity of consciousness, there is no space to vibrate. The ultimate reality experienced is nondual and can possibly have no vibrations.

    • March 21, 2015 at 4:06 am, J. Richard Jacobs said:

      What did you just say, Appan?

      • March 21, 2015 at 7:29 am, Appan said:

        I said there can be no vibrations in non-dual consciousness.

        • March 21, 2015 at 8:12 am, John Sharman said:

          Could it not be said that consciousness gives rise to vibrations?

          • March 21, 2015 at 10:41 am, Appan said:

            Yes, as everything arises from consciousness.

        • March 21, 2015 at 5:58 pm, J. Richard Jacobs said:

          I am aware of the words you used. What does that mean, specifically?

          • March 22, 2015 at 9:31 pm, Ramesam Vemuri said:

            The Vedantic concept is that the basic Consciousness, which is Universal and One in all, and which has the quality of “knowing” does not move. That Consciousness when it moves, it becomes the mind. So the analogy is Consciousness is like Air; mind is like breeze. Consciousness, when not as mind (i.e. unmoving) will be something like deep dreamless sleep. There is no ‘other’ for it to know, when it does not move. In effect, the movement projects images and Consciousness itself, senses them. Now how do we fit all this into the sensing vest of David — an expanded mind?

          • March 24, 2015 at 3:34 am, Appan said:

            In a condition where everything is consciousness and nothing else exists, where is space to move ? and what will move what and by what ?

  2. March 21, 2015 at 9:15 am, Paolo Manzelli said:


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  3. March 22, 2015 at 8:09 pm, Joy Borum said:

    Yup. Thank you.

  4. April 19, 2015 at 4:21 pm, Sandy R. Killgo said:

    what about this observation:The majority of mankind believes only in what their senses perceive. Such persons accept as unquestionable anything that their senses convey to them. They fail to understand that their senses, at best, are imperfect instruments and that the mind is
    constantly employed in correcting the mistaken reports of the senses. Modern scientific thinking has reached a stage where physicists have been forced to abandon the ordinary world of our experience, theso-called world of sense perceptions. They have crossed the border that divides physics from metaphysics.
    The theory of Eastern philosophy involving the relationship between observer and reality is now utilized by modern physicists. In Vedanta philosophy the world is described as unreal from the absolute point of view.
    It has no independent reality without the senses and mind of the observer, and, hence, is true only in relative terms. And the knowledge that we gain through these various senses varies according to the nature of the instrument used to observe the object. Our senses delude us by bringing knowledge that changes often. We do not have a universal sense that will be a common machine to weigh the reality of the observer. “Common sense” often creates false pictures. A stick plunged into the water appears broken, though in reality it is not so. Sweet and bitter, hot and cold, sun and earth, the whole objective universe of matter and energy does not exist independent of the mind and senses. Even time and space are nothing but the power of the mind. There is nothing to limit man in time and space if there is no mind. All limitations and barriers disappear with the
    disappearance of the mind.

    At our present stage of realization, all our knowledge of the universe is a residue of impressions clouded by imperfect senses. Reality is far away from our present state of consciousness. There are electromagnetic waves such as gamma rays, radio waves, cosmic rays, X-rays that are not visible to the human eye. Yet, through new instruments, we are now aware of such lesser frequency and greater
    frequency wave lengths. These limitations of man’s senses are now studied by modern scientists and lead them nearer to metaphysics.
    Now the question arises, if ordinary senses are not reliable, what of extrasensory perception? Is it a fact? Can we believe in extrasensory perception?
    From the absolute point of view, the answer is that both extrasensory perception and ordinary sense experience have their limitations and are, therefore, imperfect, because all objective knowledge can behad only through the mind, which is imperfect.
    The highest truth is perceived only when we transcend the three-dimensional plane created by the senses and mind, and go beyond time and space.

    The ordinary experiences we get through the contact of the body and mind are from the three dimensional plane, and the so-called unexplained phenomena of the world (so-called extrasensory knowledge) are from the four-dimensional plane.
    The ordinary phenomena that happen in our lives are a miracle to those creatures who live in two dimensional planes. Let us suppose there are creatures who live in the two-dimensional plane. For them there is no awareness of space. Hence, they cannot perceive what happens in space.
    All the extrasensory perceptions and the so-called unexplained mysteries are the functions of the astral body in a higher dimensional plane. All our experiences in the waking state or in the dream state are the products of the mind and senses, as are also all the various products of the extrasensory perceptions. In
    fact, nothing can be seen or perceived without the mind, and the mind is everything for us at the present moment. Though the physical body and the astral body are different, both are controlled

    by the mind.

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  5. September 18, 2015 at 12:00 am, John Sharman said:

    “Eagleman hopes to change our perceptual limitations by creating new interfaces — such as a sensory vest — that take in information that is currently outside the reach of our senses.”

    Great. Just what we all need, to be bombarded with an ever-increasing array of sensory distractions. Anything to stop us looking within, at the stillness that is our true nature.

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