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Living From Our Deepest Knowing


John Prendergast, Unmani, Joan Tollifson, Jac O’Keeffe, Ellen Emmet and Amoda Maa, facilitated by Grace Bubeck

Originally recorded on April 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, May 7 and May 14th, 2017. Cost $49

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As our self-inquiry deepens we gradually learn to embrace reactive feelings, somatic contractions, and uncovering our conditionings and inherited fears. Some of the questions we will explore in this 6 part interactive webinar series are:

  • What does it take for our deepest knowing to fully penetrate our body and mind and to be lived as a permanent reality, fully embodied in the world?
  • What is awakening in the midst of daily life and relationships?
  • While life expresses itself in continuous flux of perceptions, feelings, thoughts and experience, how do we remember to come to each moment freshly knowing ourselves as pure awareness?

During this sessions you will be able to interact with each presenter and connect with likeminded community of participants.

Note: All the sessions will be recorded and available on demand so you may view at anytime. Once you signup for the course on our website you will need to also register with zoom. Have any questions? Read our FAQ for webinar support.

April 9 – Discovering Heart Wisdom & the Sense of Inner Knowing

with John PrendergastJohn-Prendergast-Speaker The mind is a useful tool and it is natural to use it to navigate practical life. However, it is incapable of leading us to a lasting inner peace and happiness. The essence of the spiritual journey is the shift of attention from the head to the Heart. This is an inner pilgrimage from ordinary thought to a heart-felt sense of inner knowing that also marks a radical shift away from believing and feeling that we are a separate-inside-self. We can sense our deepest knowing in the depths of our hearts at any time. However, as the noise of the conditioned mind lessens, it is easier to hear the signal of our heart wisdom and follow its guidance. It is one thing to uncover our deepest knowing. It is another to live in accord with it. It takes time for this knowing to transpose into our ordinary lives. It also requires an honesty and vulnerability – honesty in admitting our incongruities and vulnerability in living from openness and letting go of our old habits of control.
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April 16 – Let It Fall Apart

with Unmaniumani-speaker When you are trying to hold it all together and live as if you have some control over your life, it is all such an uphill struggle. When you are trying to fix it all, and make it all better according to how you think it should be, you will only fail again and again. Let it all fall apart, and see that this falling apart is the beauty and freedom of Life. There is no need to try to embody anything. Once you recognise yourself as Life itself, then you see that as a person, you are always an expression of Life as this never-ending unraveling mystery.
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April 23 – The Single Most Important Key

with Joan TollifsonJoan-Tollifson-Speaker Awakening and its embodiment in everyday life can only happen Now. This is the single most important key to liberation. There is no end to Here / Now, and there is no end to awakening. When old, reactive patterns arise—when the inner weather gets stormy and difficult—this is not a personal failure. Some bodymind organisms have more stormy weather than others due to different conditions and life experiences. Comparing ourselves to others or to ideals of perfection only adds to our suffering. Counter-intuitively, being liberated on the spot begins with the complete acceptance of what is. We may discover that our apparent bondage has no real substance, and that there is no one to be bound or set free.
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April 30 – Embrace the work!

with Jac O’KeeffeJac-O-Keefe-Speaker When we avoid doing the work of breaking up false beliefs and conditioning, we set ourselves up for a conceptual understanding of awakening. Embodied, authentic awakening is quite different to the conceptual or intellectual understanding. It requires wisdom and discernment to know when you have work to do on yourself and when you are better off leaving well enough alone. Let’s explore this territory and find out how to navigate a simple and authentic path to freedom.
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May 7 – The Body Of Love

with Ellen EmmetEllen-Emmet-SpeakerWe will share an experiential meditation in which we welcome our felt experience of bodily sensations and feelings, having opened ourselves to the possibility that the reality of all experience (including the body) is not limited or separate. In this ritual, layers of conditioning, contractions, somatic habits of fear or agitation… are allowed to unravel in unconditioned openness and the perception of the body gradually begins to align itself to the truth of its origin and substance. Over time, the understanding that such explorations allow at the level of tactility and sensing, will overflow into our lives and permeate more and more corners of our experience.
The meditation will be followed by time for questions and for sharing…
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May 14 – Beyond Awakening, Embracing our Humanity

with Amoda Maa There’s a lot of talk – and often confusion – about the embodiment of awakening, but what does it really mean? Is it something that happens as a direct by-product of awakening or does it take time to mature? Do we have to work towards embodiment or does it happen spontaneously? This conversation will help to unravel some of the mystery and provide a framework that supports the truth of awakening to be lived in the midst of our everyday lives, especially within the often painful and messy arena of intimate relationships. Some of the pointers are towards radical honesty and open listening, exposure of the seeking mechanism, showing up (presence) and vulnerability, and collapsing the division between human relationship and spiritual practice.
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Facilitated by Grace Bubeckimg-Grace-Bubeck Grace Bubeck, PhD, has been offering live online retreats and conversations with non-dual spiritual teachers since 2013, as well as small online groups dedicated to inquiry and finding Love/Truth in the midst of everyday life. An academic philosopher by first career, she is also a psychologist and body-mind therapist (energy work, counseling). She has worked with people 1-on-1 and in groups for the last 20 years, helping them find ease and joy in themselves and in their lives. Her own spiritual journey has brought her to the undeniable reality and truth of Being, and she feels blessed to use all of her professional expertise and skills in the light of this discovery, in whatever new and mysterious ways this unfolds. (online events); (professional website).

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