SAND Italy Volunteers

To be a member of the SAND volunteer team means to immerse yourself at a new level of exploration, riding the wave of group synergy! You will be part of a dynamic, creative element that sets the stage for magic to happen. Join a team of service leaders, working and playing together in time and space, holding a vision and allowing a new paradigm for humanity to emerge.

  • July 13 load-in and team bonding day
  • July 14–20 main event
  • July 20 load-out

Volunteers are expected to be available throughout the duration of the main conference July 14–20.
If possible, be available for load-in support on Monday 13 morning and for load-out Monday 20 late morning.

You can watch a video of the highlights here and you can view pictures here.

STEP 1: Starting Jan 1, 2020, you need to complete and submit the application form, even if you have been a volunteer in the past! In order to apply, you will need to be logged in to your account. If you don't have an account, please open one. Keep in mind that this information will be used to create the schedule, so be sure to denote any special interests and skills. You will hear back from us on an ongoing basis, starting from the month of March.

STEP 2: There is a fee of $20 for submitting your application. If accepted, it is deducted from the registration fee. If not accepted, it will be refunded to you. If you are accepted and then cancel, it will be held by SAND as a cancellation fee. We will only consider applications accompanied by a fee payment. Please pay your fee here.

If your application is accepted…

STEP 3: Complete your Volunteer Registration, following the instructions on your acceptance email.

This involves registering as a volunteer, and paying the volunteer registration fee of $420 (minus the application fee). We recommend you do this as soon as the application is accepted, as your position on the volunteer team will not be secured until you have completed this step successfully.

Your volunteer ticket includes 3 delicious meals per day during the event (dinner Jul 14 through breakfast Jul 20).  Additionally, your ticket will cover a team lunch & dinner at the Castle on Jul 13, if you’re there to help with set up.  It also includes a camping spot, and use of bathroom and shower facilities.

Deadline to apply as a volunteer is Apr 15, and once accepted the deadline to register is Jun 15. If you have not registered by the deadline, your spot may be offered to another applicant.

The accommodations in the Castle property are limited and reserved for attendees. There are various camping options: bring your own tent or camper van or rent a simple two-person tent from SAND. You can also rent bedding (sleeping bag & pad).

If you wish to stay in a shared room at the Castle, please contact us  before Jun 15 for availability and pricing. Some rooms may become available as we get closer to the event.

The venue address is: Castello di Titignano, Loc. Titignano, 7, 05018 Orvieto TR, Umbria, Italy

Once your application is accepted and you have registered, you will be given the option to join the closed SAND Volunteer Facebook Group, where you can coordinate with other volunteers about accommodations and/or carpooling.

Volunteers are expected to arrive on either the 13th (AM ideally), or on the 14th (by 11 AM at the latest). If you can make it by the 13th, you will get a chance to meet one another and the staff, and help with the setting-up of the event.  Those of you that can arrive for set-up, which allows more time for pre-event bonding and lending an extra hand, let us know in your application - we’d love it!

If you are driving your own car to the event, please confirm whether you are willing to use it during the event for transport of speakers and running errands.  Also, let us know if you have any extra seats to give a ride to a few fellow volunteers.

Volunteers are welcome to take a free shuttle ride, paid for by SAND for volunteers only. You can check the schedules times of departure from the Orvieto train station on the registration page. If you arrive on any other day/time than these slots, please take care of your transportation yourself.

Volunteering at SAND means you will work an average of 45 hours total. Some work a little more. It breaks down to 2 shifts a day during the main conference (Tuesday through Sunday), or less if you’ve done some pre-event or post-event work.

A full event pass, a goodie bag, and an AMAZING behind-the-scenes experience. You will become an integral part of the vibrant team that makes this unique and special event not only a possibility, but a thriving reality!

Yep. We expect to close the application form once we have reached our target number of accepted applicants (35 people). Scheduling requests will also be considered on a first-come first-serve basis so we encourage you to apply ASAP and register ASAP if you are seriously interested in joining the team.

Yes, there is plenty of free parking at the Castle

Although we can’t make promises, please know that we always do our best to match you with what you selected in your application.

Typically schedules are released 2 weeks prior to the event. You will be provided with a link to check your schedule.

We might also need to make variations to the schedule at the event site based on last-minute needs and conditions. Thanks for your patience and flexibility — it is a live event after all!

Volunteers are assigned all sorts of tasks, from greeting guests in the various conference rooms, to working with the audio/visual team, to assisting with all manner of production tasks (load-in and out, setting-up banners, arranging chairs, etc), to transporting presenters to and from the nearby train station and/or their accomodation, to shooting video, to taking care of the children program and activities coordination, and/or acting as floaters for any other eventuality that might come up.

There are a multitude of tasks that keep our conference running, and our volunteers are the blood-line that allows the event to flow beautifully. Be sure to learn as much as possible about the event details, as you will become the face of SAND!

You can expect to be part of a vibrant and committed team that supports the realization of an incredible event.

Yes! There will be a limited number of pre and post conference shifts available. We will consider you if you specify in your application that you are available to work pre and post event, and this will count towards fulfilling your volunteering requirements.

You will find our volunteer application form here. Please note that you will need to log in to access it. If you do not have an account on our website, please create one now.

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