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Transformative Technology Exhibition at SAND15

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For the second year, The Science and Non-Duality (SAND) Conference in San Jose will be devoting a portion of the conference space and activities to the exploration and exhibition of Transformative Technologies. The SAND conference is a hub of influence and community at the intersection of science and consciousness. As part of that tradition, SAND will be exhibiting projects at the cutting edge of the rapidly expanding Transformative Technology space, focused at the intersection of technology, consciousness, and human well-being.

Consciousness Hacking & Transformative Technology

There is a growing recognition of technology’s role in increasing human well-being, decreasing stress/anxiety, and ultimately getting at the fundamental causes of human suffering. This is supported by an increasing understanding – through psychology, neuroscience, meditation research, etc. – of the mechanisms underlying experiences such as peace, compassion, unconditional love, and the fundamental sense of who and what we are.

These Transformative Technologies, which can be seen as an extension, or evolution of traditional tools, have been explored and developed for decades, but recently there appears to be an increase in interest and activity. Examples of this technology are emerging in academia, consumer wearables, gaming, mobile devices, and beyond. The frameworks within which these tools are developed range from Eastern traditions (meditation, yoga, enlightenment, etc) to western psychology, physics, flow states, Transhumanism, Essential Self Technologies…and too many more to list.

The precise boundaries of the space are still forming as people, projects and research begin to emerge and define the territory.  Generally speaking, Transformative Technologies are actual hardware and/or software devices (i.e. they run on electricity), developed based on credible science/research, that can produce a reliable and positive change in human experience.  These technologies might be consumer devices, medical devices, interactive exhibits or art pieces.

Consciousness Hacking is a global community focused around the exploration, use, and development of Transformative Technologies. We meet regularly in the Bay Area, and a dozen more locations worldwide. Our community represents the intersection of science, technology, consciousness, and the effort to make new tools that support emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being.

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Exhibition and Panel Overview

This year at SAND, we will showcase the latest developments in the Transformative Technology space, and feature the luminaries and makers that are bringing these devices into the world.  This will include a small exhibition area where developers will be able to demonstrate, discuss, and sell their technology to the over 900 conference attendees.  This is an excellent opportunity to interact with an audience that is uniquely open to and interested in this space.  Past conferences have showcased a small number of technologies with resounding success.

In addition to the exhibition area, interactive technology installations will be positioned around the conference venue.  This will allow stand-alone engaging interactions to function as independent mini-attractions throughout the venue.


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