The 'I' of the Storm

Youth Summit 2020: The 'I' of the Storm

December 18–20, 2020

The SAND Young Sages Program would like to invite you into a communal digital space to remember and embody our true nature amidst the storms of turbulent times. 

This immersive three-day online gathering, is curated to support those interested in creating sustainable personal and global change as well as honoring the mystery of our shared humanity in times of great division.  

What does it mean to come of age in a time of unprecedented social, technological and ecological crisis?  
How do we answer the ever-demanding paradox of a world in rapid change and the pervasive feeling of an inability to make a difference?   

How do we transform our personal relationships to become refuges of compassion, grief, gratitude, and solidarity, so that the micro can shift the macro?

 This experience is being curated and developed by the Young Sages, an eclectic group of young people, representing a range of backgrounds and beliefs, who had the opportunity to attend Science and Nonduality gatherings in previous years through a scholarship program. We are creating this multi-day experience to pay forward the gift that we received and extend the offerings of interpersonal spiritual resourcing and community to more young people who are seeking answers like us!

Our time together will be focused on welcoming new as well as ancient paradigms, and dreaming into the future without limits while addressing oppressive and broken systems. We hope to build both a refuge and a brave space for practicing authentic expression, navigating complexity/conflict, and integrating multiple ways of knowing and understanding truth.
By participating you will be in conversation with wisdom carriers from a wide range of perspectives and beliefs. Together, we might develop a greater understanding of how to:

  • Respond to incoming information from a place of equanimity rather than a heightened state of stress (respond rather than react)
  • Navigate personal conflict to maintain connection and build empathy/using conflict as a container for change 
  • Recognize the opportunities in the challenges presented
  • Create meaning in our lives through a mythic lens
  • Honor the spiritual aspects of existence, while staying grounded in the scientific necessities of the moment

Please join us to explore what it means to be a modern sage at any age.  We hope our gathering can honor what is authentic, true, and alive for you.
We’re looking forward to joining you on this journey!


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Dec 18–20, 2020

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