Returning to Ourselves: The Wisdom of Trauma

Returning to Ourselves: The Wisdom of Trauma

July 20–24, 2020
Titigniano Castle, Italy 

A SAND organized 4-day retreat with Gabor Mate and Betsy Polatin,
at the tail-end of SAND20 Italy (July 14

Many of us seek spirituality to alleviate pain and suffering. The internal discomfort of anger, sadness, fear, shame, or self-loathing is soothed by pleasant or blissful experiences encountered through meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer and connecting in community. Spiritual bypass occurs when we use our spiritual beliefs, practices, community and way of life to avoid experiencing, revealing and processing emotional pain.

Spiritual practitioners can get caught in the trap of assuming a spiritual identity as a defense against emotional pain, and as compensation for underlying unconscious beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not loveable”, or “I did something wrong”. When we identify ourselves as being spiritual, or are praised, valued and recognized as a practitioner or teacher, the split between what we experience on the inside and what we present to the world becomes greater. The original wound can remain unhealed, despite years of dedicated spiritual practice. We may even intensify our practice in a disciplined effort to suppress difficult emotions.

Spiritual bypassing can be addressed through compassionately guided self-inquiry supported by bodywork, which, together, invite pain, discomfort and repressed emotions to come to the surface to be experienced, witnessed and worked through in a safe, supportive setting. Acceptance, allowing, non-judgement, expression and self-compassion are the ingredients needed for resolution.

This program will feature Dr. Gabor Maté’s unique therapeutic work and teaching, Compassionate Inquiry, enhanced by movement and breath work led by Betsy Polatin. We will explore emotional realities and traumatic imprints that spiritual modalities often ignore. It will be an in-depth program, suitable for therapists, spiritual seekers and anyone looking for a profound, experiential understanding of their personal issues and the hidden beliefs that sustain them.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • meditations and breathing practices to generate calm and stability
  • to cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion, being with what is
  • to bring attention and curiosity to body signals
  • to facilitate the expression of what has remained unexpressed
  • how to become a skillful witness to body sensations and emotions
  • to access repressed emotional states through body awareness
  • to access implicit memory through body sensations and emotions
  • the importance of patience, respect and choice in the therapeutic process
  • how to uncover early traumatic events of childhood and unconscious feeling states through Compassionate Inquiry

Why Attend?

  • to be introduced to the process of Compassionate Inquiry to understand your own triggers and their origin
  • to recognize mental-emotional patterns and drivers, and how they limit your wholeness, choice and freedom
  • to bring healing and integration to traumatic events from the past


Jul 20, 2020 - Jul 24, 2020
  • Titignano Castle, Italy
  • Titignano 7
  • Orvieto
  • Italy
  • 05010



The retreat is planned to start on Monday 20 at 4pm and end on Friday 24 after breakfast, at 10am. Please check back for the event program in the spring.



The event will begin on Monday, July 20 and end on Friday, July 24 after breakfast. On-site registration begins at 12:00 on Monday. Room check-in available starting at 14:00. Lunch is included on Monday if you are on site at 13:00. Retreat sessions begin Monday afternoon at 16:00.

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Everyone eats meals together at Titignano. Your registration includes three delicious homemade Italian meals a day from lunch 7/20 through breakfast 7/24.
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