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“Having studied both Western and Eastern psychologies, and physical science, I developed an appreciation for the Eastern traditions as psychospiritual sciences that include knowledge of the psychological, as well. This perspective, the psychospiritual, is what makes true, significant human evolution in this lifetime even possible; the more common psychological – mostly centered in the mental/emotional realm, is not designed to do so. While traditional western psychology is valuable in its own right, it doesn’t systematically address the scope of human development – especially the higher states of evolutionary development that can be consciously pursued and are possible to attain in a human life. That’s a major reason why I so often draw from Kashmir Shaivism.”

Maria Syldona, Ph.D, is an Educator, Researcher and Clinician in Human Psychospiritual Development, and a Speaker and Writer in Science & Spirituality.

Dr. Maria Syldona’s research and educational work involves the study of apparent opposites, searching for commonalities and complementary elements with the potential to synergistically combine, and result in potentially powerful benefit to mankind. In short, she’s a bridge builder. In that vein, her research and public presentations focus on the theme of commonalities in seemingly disparate yet highly relevant areas of life – such as science and spirituality.

Later formal studies included science in several disciplines, including physical sciences, psychophysiology, electrophysiology, psychology and Eastern psychology in several traditions, from institutions such as Carnegie-Mellon University, Stanford and Brown Universities. For doctoral level study, she chose psychology, with a research concentration that allowed for an interdisciplinary dissertation studying mental healing practitioners with electrophysiological and psychological approaches.

Best known for her seminal bridging and translational work in science and spirituality, (ancient and modern, East and West), she is also accomplished in applied mathematics, acupuncture/ electrophysiology/ healing meditation research, applications of bioelectric CDI imaging to health and healing and developing meditation/relaxation training programs for treatment in addictions and sleep disorders. She is also an editor (science and other), author, jewelry artist and nature photographer.


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