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Sponsors and Partners


Sponsors and partners are cordially invited to collaborate with us to help make the Science and Nonduality Conference a truly memorable event and to further build the nonduality-inspired community.

This conference will provide your organization with a unique opportunity to reach an audience of thoughtful and highly motivated people. For more details about our sponsorship options, click on the links below.  Contact us directly at [email protected]

Click Here for the SAND sponsorship Deck (PDF)
Click Here for SAND partnership opportunities

Ask us if you are interested in a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with SAND!


Parabola Magazine
Oregon Eclipse

SAND17 Italy Sponsors:


Sounds True logoIONS
ConsciousTVOpen Circle
Nonduality Talk

    with Jerry Katz
Who Is Alice

Resources and Friends:

Awakening 360CCAREOne the MagazineConscious Variety
Rupert SpiraAdyashanti A. H. AlmaasFrancis Lucille
Donald Hoffman Chris FieldsRudolph E. TanziEdward Frenkel


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Thanks To Our Sponsors

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