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Sponsors and Partners


Sponsors and partners are cordially invited to collaborate with us to help make the Science and Nonduality Conference a truly memorable event and to further build the nonduality-inspired community.

This conference will provide your organization with a unique opportunity to reach an audience of thoughtful and highly motivated people. For more details about our sponsorship options, click on the links below.  Contact us directly at [email protected]

Click Here for the SAND18 sponsorship Deck (PDF)
Click Here for SAND partnership opportunities

Ask us if you are interested in a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with SAND!


Parabola Magazine
Oregon Eclipse


CFAInternational Transpersonal Conference
Sounds True logoIONS
ConsciousTVOpen Circle
Nonduality Talk

    with Jerry Katz
Who Is Alice

Resources and Friends:

Awakening 360CCAREOne the MagazineConscious Variety
Rupert SpiraAdyashanti A. H. AlmaasFrancis Lucille
Donald Hoffman Chris FieldsRudolph E. TanziEdward Frenkel


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Thanks To Our Sponsors