Sounds of SAND – Ep. 10 – Nonduality and Postcapitalism

By Lynn Murphy and Alnoor Ladha


Join Lynn Murphy and Alnoor Ladha in conversation with Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo about their new book, Post Capitalist Philanthropy: Healing Wealth in the Time of Collapse, as they explore the history of wealth accumulation to the current logic of late-stage capitalism — and ultimately to the lived possibilities of other ways of knowing, sensing and being that can usher in life-centric models. This ontological shift into new possibilities is at the heart of their work. Creating new-ancient-emerging realities is not simply about how we redistribute wealth or “fight power”, but rather, how we non-dualistically perceive and embody our actions in relationship to a dynamic, animistic world and cosmos.

The book is a result of decades of deep personal inquiry and practice, as well as hundreds of interviews with activists, philanthropists, philosophers, social scientists, cosmologists and wisdom keepers.

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Lynn and Alnoor's work:

Post Capitalist Philanthropy - Webinar Series starting Nov 11, 2022

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