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Embodied Spiritual Love - SAND19 US

By A.H. Almaas


In most spiritual traditions, love is seen only as universal or cosmic love. It is true that love is fundamentally a universal dimension to our spiritual nature. But it also expresses itself in our human relationships, including the one with divinity, in personal, relational and embodied ways. It is the same authenticity as in the presence of universal love, but with qualities useful for human relating, and important for the spiritual path. Love has true and full realization only when it is a personal and lived expression. But personal here is not that of the ego, but of the spiritual nature, a truth rarely known. This shows what the true essence of relationship is, and how love and Eros relate the human and the divine.

Recorded 3 years ago

Also available as video: Embodied Spiritual Love - SAND19 US

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