#40 Living the Mystery

By Shakti Caterina Maggi


Spiritual guide and author Shakti is known internationally as one of the most authentic and profound voices in contemporary spirituality. Presenting the message of Advaita and non-dual Tantra within a contemporary framework, Shakti offers, with compassion and great clarity, an inner technology for dissolving the contraction of suffering that traditionally accompanies each of our lives. Her invitation is to come to the space of inner peace and unconditional love which resides at the heart of us all.

Her key teachings are the love for transcendence, or spiritual awakening, followed by its deep integration, into everyday living, so that each moment can be met as a precious opportunity for spiritual growth. Her students are left with the joy of an open heart and an authentic sense of freedom within the recognition of our being as one with everything.

Shakti's Course on SAND Dwelling in the Heart

00:00 – Introduction
02:20 – Awakening to Our True Nature
05:21 – Letting Go Language
08:04 – Emptiness
13:08 – Authenticity
15:07 – Experiencing with the Heart
20:26 – Staying with the Paradox of Separation
29:52 – Seeing into our Listening
37:16 – Nondual Tantra
40:20 – Compassion and Suffering
50:45 – Coming Up for Shakti

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