#36 Holographic Being

By Mukti


Mukti’s name originates in Sanskrit and is most often translated as “liberation,” a term used in Vedanta and Buddhism much the way the term “salvation” is used in Christianity. Mukti has been the Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha since 2004 and has been a student of her husband, Adyashanti, since he began teaching in 1996, when they founded Open Gate Sangha together.

Previously, Mukti was raised and schooled in the Catholic tradition and also studied the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda for over 20 years—two paths that have greatly informed her journeys into meditation, introspection, and prayer. She holds a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a license in acupuncture, and a Hatha Yoga teaching certification. These backgrounds in body awareness and the healing arts, as well as her years of study with Adyashanti, largely inform her presentation style, her recommended inquiry methods, and her interest in the energetic unfolding of realization and embodiment.


Open Gate Sangha 

The Energetics of Awakening Course  

The Center for Humane Technology  

The One of Us: Living from the Heart of Illumined Relationship (Sounds True)


00:00 – Introduction

04:41 – Energetics of Awakening

11:45 – Spiritual Bypassing / Shadow / Integration

18:08 – Evolution / Deepening of Mukti’s Teaching

21:29 – Sacredness of Attention in the Attention Economy

30:07 – Importance of Spiritual Community

33:08 – The Spiritual Path of Paradox and the Shared Field of Awareness

50:11 – Holographic Being

55:36 – The Importance of the Fundamentals of Practice

57:59 – Being in a Dharmic Romantic Relationship

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