#25 Walks with Death

By Ash Canty


Ash Canty (they/he) is a Death Walker & Psychic Medium. Their ancestors are Indigenous peoples of West Africa, Cherokee, Iroquois, Blackfeet and Northern European. They support and walk others in the threshold and ritual of their own unique death and dying process. They are led by spirit, ancestors, and nature in all that they do. They teach many programs that support others in the liberation of their soul and coming back to their spirit. Ash creates deep spaciousness for others to be able to step into a non-linear time space to hold conversations around being with the grief & praise of being alive. They provide virtual death care services to families and loved ones who are in the active stages of dying. They are regenerated by the earth and the land of the Kalapuya Peoples on which they live on through gardening, listening, canning, hand crafting, and indigenous practices of their ancestors.

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