What the World Really Needs

What the World Really Needs

By Shakti Caterina Maggi

You are watching your own Consciousness displaying itself in the world. You see your inner reality appearing as the world you experience. It is the expression of your own Being. The world you experience is not something different from you.

As you become more conscious of and present with your inner contractions and remain as Stillness/as Peace in which conflicts arise, something completely different can happen. When you realize that you are Consciousness which is behind everything, you can experience a different world.

Many people do not want to feel these kinds of inner contraction – the sense of separation (often triggered by the negativity of the world out there) – consciously; instead, they close their heart and become numb/disconnected/ mechanic. Others want to fight it and blame others in order to not feel it. These are all strategies to not see and feel the pain in their own heart. Very few are courageous enough to remain present in the midst of pain without trying to disconnect from it and are able to be with the pain of the world in their own heart. These are the people who can make a change. They transform the pain by being present with it. This is the alchemy of the Heart. It can transform everything. The Heart is not an emotion; it is the empty background of everything. It is the unconditional nature of reality. It is the silent background of all manifestation.

Do not think you are a helpless and separate thing and cannot do anything regarding the world. It is not true! You can do a lot! You can welcome the pain you see in the world in your heart. You can offer peace to the world that is in conflict. We already tried revolutions in the streets. We are tired of fighting the system. Instead, wake up! You are the system! It is not outside of you! Stop fighting it and thus splitting yourself into two: abusers and victims. The result of any fight based on this kind of separation will simply be more separation, pain and suffering. There is another possibility! Anything you see in the world – good and bad – is you, is one with you. It is the unfoldment of ONE Consciousness.

All the misery, chaos and unbalanced happenings on this planet are here for you to see and open your heart. It is a reflection of your inner disconnection from your heart. The disconnection comes from not feeling things. People who don’t feel deeply are too afraid of their feelings.

So please: be one of those people who feel courageous enough to FEEL the pain of separation of humanity. Be courageous enough to open your heart. You will start to feel everything deeply again and it will break your heart. It will be broken open. Then, the light of understanding will enter. It will (en)lighten your mind and your body. It will show you that all was for you to wake up and you will feel compassion for those still living in ignorance. This is the inner revolution. It is the action of one Consciousness. Only you can do it. You are the Silence behind everything that is able to take on everything – even the pain and horrors of the world.

A new vibration wants to enter…a vibration of understanding, love and transformation. You are called to be a living Bodhisattva. The life of a Bodhisattva is very ordinary. It is a life of someone who is able to remain present to the pain of the world and still be sensitive, vulnerable, open and compassionate. This is what the world needs. It needs your Heart, your vulnerability and sensitivity.

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