Two the Love Story of One

By Science and Nonduality

SAND is honored to publish the new book “Two the Love Story of One” by Prasanna.

In the Ocean of Love

There are no separate waves

...... There is just the Ocean, waving

two the love story of one

This book is for everyone who has ever loved. And everyone has loved. At least once everyone has forgotten one’s own self in the presence of the other. Also forgotten that the other is the other. Lover and Beloved, Self and Other, Man and Woman, Yang and Yin they are one but they play as two. This book is a celebration of the mystery, the wonder, the beauty and the joy of that dance between the two.

In the beginning….......

When nothing had begun yet,

there was neither darkness nor light.

That was IT.

IT was just the awareness that “IT IS.”

There was nothing.


IT was IT.

IT was like the deep sleep while awake

—without any thoughts, without any


IT was like the night during the day.

Light and darkness were One

—in Love.

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