'This We Have Now' - An Evening of Rumi's Poetry

By Science and Nonduality


Join us for an amazing evening of poetry, music and film!

This special evening is part of the ‘Science and Nonduality Gathering’ (SAND14), a 5 day-event in which over 150 presenters explore the new paradigm of spirituality. And it will be open to a few selected guests, meaning YOU!

Listen to Coleman Barks, the English translator of Rumi, accompanied by the world renowned cellist David Darling, and watch the USA film premiere of All About Nothing, an amazing Dutch film that will have you reconsider ‘who you are’ with a smile.

Exchange opinions with 30 brilliant minds while browsing the SAND14 poster session and listen to a lively panel on the topic of Birthing Radiant Being into our Humanity with three up-and-coming spiritual teachers.

All this while sipping wine  - you don’t have to but it is there… - at the beautiful Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California.

SAND is an event leading the exploration of a new, experiential form of spirituality, one that is inspired by the mystics of ALL ages and traditions and informed by modern science.

Be on the cutting edge of evolution. Joint us at SAND!

Evening Program

8:00pm – 8:40pm

Poetry and Music: This We Have Now – Rumi poetry with COLEMAN BARKS, accompanied by DAVID DARLING.

An evening of Rumi with Music and Commentary. The ecstatic poetry of 13th century Persian mystic Rumi, the most widely read poet in America today, performed by Coleman Barks, acclaimed poet, translator and interpreter, with Grammy award winning cellist, David Darling.

8:50pm – 10:30pm

Film: All About Nothing – US Premiere; followed by Q&A with Directors PAUL SMIT and ROBERT VAN DEN BROEK.

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Poster Session: browse through 30 amazing poster presentations exploring theories on the nature of Consciousness and the topic of entanglement.

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Panel: Birthing Radiant Being into our Humanity – with SUSANNE MARIE, AMODA MAA JEEVAN, T. JONATHAN PROCTOR, moderated by RICK ARCHER (Buddha at the Gas pump).
San Jose room

Brought to you by the Science and Nonduality Conference

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