The Self-Organizing Universe - An Interview with Neil Theise

In this interview Neil Theise discusses how he has uncovered conscious, self-organizing universe though his stem cell research. He also shares the evidence he has discovered through his research of non-local consciousness. Niel also shares about how his Zen practice helps his science work.

Neil Theise, MD is a practicing pathologist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where he is Professor of Pathology and of Medicine. He is considered a thought leader in fields of liver diseases, liver stem cells, and adult stem cell plasticity. In recent years, interests in complexity theory applications to biology have led to novel insights regarding stem cell biology, non-Western models of the body, science-spirituality dialogue, and consciousness studies. He is a Senior Student at the Village Zendo in NYC.

This interview is part of the SAND Anthology vol. 5.

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