The Practice of Gestation

By Beverly Lanzetta

The contemplative spirituality of via feminina begins with the practice of gestation. From darkness and uncertainty, it waits for the Divine to be born in its own time. The process doesn’t try to contain new revelation in the dry, crusty soil of old forms, but germinates each seed in the moist openness of heart, fertile and hollow like the womb, receptive and waiting. It is the qualities of Wisdom, the Mother of all – merciful, gentle, humble, nondual, holistic, benevolent – that we tenderly bear. Verdant, womb-like theology welcomes new seeds to take root. Round and hollow in imitation of divine fecundity, gestation cannot be forced; new life cannot be prescribed. We cannot change the color of the eyes, or the shape of the nose. Similarly, we cannot fashion divine self-disclosure to our own liking. Impregnated with its seed, we simply support it, and watch it grow. 

And once your pregnant soul comes to term, and the holy seeds are born, the secret door to via feminina will open, right inside your being. Divine Sophia has never been separate from you. She waits now. Incarnated in you – pressed into body, mind, and soul – you are an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. 

Excerpt, The Monk Within: Embracing a Sacred Way of Life, page 96

This excerpt is from Beverly Lanzetta's website

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