The Best Self-Help Advice


There is no self to help.

The best self-help advice of all.

When you try to ‘help’ the ‘self’
you reinforce an illusion:

That there is a broken self,
a self that is ‘less than’,
a present self worse than
a future self…

And you strengthen identification
with a mind-made ‘self’.
An entity called ‘me’.
An image.

You forget your nature as Presence itself.

So when you give up
trying to help a self,
you sink into an unconditional embrace:

The embrace that IS Life Itself…

Where all your imperfections,
your doubts, sorrows, joys and fears,
your longings and your ecstasies,
even your imagination of ‘self’,
and your frustrated attempts to ‘fix’ it,
or ‘help’ it reach a future perfection,
are 100% embraced.

No self to save.
No self to fix.
No self to enlighten.
No self to lose.

Just an exquisite moment.
An unlimited divine perfection,
shimmering through
all human imperfections.
Shining through the self-help.

So help yourself, friend,
by ending the search
for a better self.

And fall in love…

- Jeff Foster

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