Sound Portal


by Francesca Mariano

Where does it come from?
Spirit divine
Where does it come from?
Spirit of sound
As the notes hit higher
Angels cry to calm the fire.

Mysterious symphony
Intuitive melody
Crushing all rationality
With wondrous vibrations.

Where does this music come from?
Delicately touching
My feet are trumbling.

Emotions have no form
Form comes with sound
The greatest gift from God
Transforms into harmony what once was chaos.

The clarinet says:
It is a dark night
A woman is walking alone
By the side of a deep pond.
The voice of her lover
Whispers in the air
Inviting her to dance
Together in celestial trance.
As she closes her eyes
She dreams of those old nights
When they gazed into each others eyes
And made sweet love under the moon light.

Where is he now
She does not know
The melody she plays
Is full of sorrow.

The air is now silent
But their song is playing loud
Filling up my soul
With mystery untold.

Dark is the memory
Of a flame blown with the wind
Shortening the gap
Between you and me.
The clouds have disappeared
Clearing the sky of any tear
And under a blanket of stars
The lovers have no fear.

And even from far away
Their instruments still play
The song through which they pray:
Dear beloved
Dear you who knows
Bring us close, please
Let us hear your voice in peace.
We humble children of your playground
Are sparking the light of your love through our sound
Tuning deeper and deeper to our true divine connection
This song has now reached perfection.

She who knows to be him
He who knows to be her
Are now united in a dream
Where their love dances

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