By Nathalie Delay

Silence is a practice—a discipline or a passion— which is essential if we want to understand the deep meaning of our existence and of Life in general.

Alone, facing ourselves, with no distraction, we let ourselves feel bored, empty. We feel the irresistible desire for physical or mental activation, anything to avoid experiencing this raw moment. We want to run away into any activity because feeling the emptiness is unbearable. We practice staying there, without looking for alternatives or comfort. We let the disturbance find its way up. We remain face to face with silence, with emptiness, with this unknown space without filling it with scenarios or day dreams. We dare to stay naked, in this elusive space, without holding on to anything.


We explore an authentic state of being where nothing is known, but everything is lived in such immediacy that there is no more space for dissonance or problems.

This raw aloneness creates a contact with our most fundamental truth. Through it we get to touch our essence.

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