Senseless Perfection

By Maya Luna

Things don’t happen for a reason 
Sweet child 
Life doesn’t need a reason 
For happening 
It simply blooms forth 
With breathtaking chaos 
Rains down on you 
With senseless beauty 
And immeasurable heartache 
You can make up stories 
If you like 
About why things happen 
The way that they happened 
You can close one eye and squint 
To make up patterns
You can tell stories of 
Or perfection 
Or blessings
Or you can simply stand naked in 
The rain 
You can realize nothing 
Will ever really make sense 
Not if you’re really honest
Not if you’re truly listening 
Nothing happens for a reason
Yes, this is the truth 
This is it 
There is nothing else 
But your own heart 
Into reality 
Your own heart 
Drinking down 
The eruption of stars 
That is this radical emergence 
Of soul in body 
Of breath meeting Sky 
There is nothing else to look for 
Maybe it didn’t work out for the best 
Maybe it isn’t an unfortunate mess 
Maybe no great spirit is helping 
Anything go your way
Just maybe 
Life unfolds 
With no holy plan
It is sacred 
Just as it is 
It’s power and innocence 
Requires no justification 
It’s perfection requires no meaning 
Maybe nothing 
Means anything 
Other than what the Rose 
When it blooms 
It means
Here I am 
Here I am 
Here I am 

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