Holding Space

image by upliftconnect.com

When we “hold space” for another person, we open our heart and offer them unconditional support, letting go of all judgment and need for control.

We may offer guidance but only if it is wanted. And no matter what the outcome, we try to help the other person feel safe.

This is not easy. Our tendency is to want to fix people, to give them advice, and to judge them for their experiences or limitations.

To hold space effectively, we need strength to step aside and let others make their own choices. This can only happen if our heart is wide open. Which means that we need to be able to find stillness within ourselves and be fully present.

When we are present, we allow our experiences to unfold naturally without trying to change or heal them. We let our thoughts and emotions arise and pass away, without judging or trying to fix ourselves.

In our fully present state, we make contact with our embodied reality and we commit to staying with whatever feelings or sensations arise within us.

Being fully present is also how we hold space for others. Once we find stillness within ourselves, within our heart, we can offer this gift to others. As we hold space for them, we provide an environment where in turn they can be present and rest in their own stillness.

By doing this, we create a space where their experiences can unfold without judgment, and without our trying to fix them or change the outcome. Our unconditional presence is a signal to others that they can safely have their own experience.

Holding space also means allowing others to make sense of the world in their own way. And even if we do not understand, we can still offer them our complete presence, full of warmth and support in the here and now.

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